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Hand Crafted Small Batch Cannabis Grown In Living Soil

Grown with love and care at our Santa Rosa facility all our cannabis is produced in biologically enriched living soil employing No Till and Korean Natural Farming techniques.

Based on the idea of not disturbing the soil by tilling but rather promoting  natural enrichment and regeneration with the use of beneficial plants and insects that co-inhabit in symbiosis with the cannabis plant.

Korean Natural Farming is employed as an alternative to the use of pesticides, herbicides and bottled artificial nutrients in farming and instead relies on natural live ingredients to produce biologically active inputs.



Infused & Non Infused Whole Flower Pre Rolls

Available in traditional and infused and made exclusively from whole flower in living soil, we use the same buds and hash that go in our jars for producing our pre rolls, ensuring top tier quality no matter what product you are enjoying.


Single Source Solventless Extracts

Our single source solventless extracts are produced from the same living soil indoor flower you enjoy in our jars and prerolls ! 


Quickly frozen for processing, each batch is hand washed by the company founder to ensure proper care is taken of the delicate trichomes that will result in our award winning final product


A true labor of love satisfiying even the most demanding palets.  


Shirts, Hats, Hoodies and More!  Visit our online store to purchase your own!

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